Guidlines for Submissions to

If you’re a writer and have something interesting you’d like to submit to for publication on the site, you may send it to It could be anything like an interview or profile with someone you find fascinating, an essay, or some humor. Understand though, before you submit anything, that submission does not guarantee publication. Also understand that since we’re not for profit, and don’t make any money by advertising or otherwise, so we wouldn’t be able to pay you. You will however get credit and the adoration of the readers out there. Also by submitting something to us, you give us the right to publish it on our site, with all rights reserved therein (hint: don’t send us something you don’t want published). also reserves the right to edit whatever is submitted for publication. We make no guarantee’s as to how many people read your piece if it is indeed published. Also, do not send us any work that is not your own. Any work published is provided simply as a service to our readers and does not necessarily reflect the attitude or opinion of Understand we’re merely publishing it for the sake of fun and interest, not profiting off it in any way. Now that all that legal groundwork has been laid (the price we pay for living in a litigious society), we’d love to hear from you and see your creative efforts. Happy writing!

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