Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

If there's better ice cream out there, we haven't found it. We've tested the premium brands, the decadent and often too rich flavors. This one features the most simple ingredients and a taste that's out of this world: creamy ice cream with those irristible cookie dough hunks and a few semisweet chocolate shavings to balance out the taste.

Old Laserdiscs

Laserdisc may be a now-defunct technology, replaced by the more convienient and higher resolution DVDs. But there's a few things Laser had that DVDs probably will never have. Firstly, many discs featured beautiful cover art that was large enough to appreciate (very similar in size to an LP cover) rather than the tiny over processed studio drivel that's on most DVDs. Secondly, there exists on Laserdisc a treasure trove of movies that will never be released on DVD again due to license issues, censorship issues or simply because the demographic simply isn't large enough to warrant a DVD. Also some DVDs that are taking forever to come out (the original Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones, etc) are available on Laser. For these films, Laserdisc is the best way to watch these movies if you can find them.

Ephemeral Films

These movies produced in the 50s and 60s by corporations or educational media are delightful to watch. They were often shown in schools and had it not been for the pioneering effort of Rick Prelinger, these films would be lost. Mr. Prelinger has made many of these films available for viewing through the Prelinger Archives section of

100% Grape Juice

Whatever variety you choose, this drink is vastly underrated. Besides containing newly found benefits such as helping to stave of a heart attack, nothing quite feels like this beverage in your mouth. It's metallic, soft and sweet all at the same time. A great complement to dinner.

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